Digital Marketing

PocketFunnel has created a powerful, user-friendly technology that brings
two global phenomena together for easy, real world use by regular people.

Social Networking and the sharing of ideas is bringing people together like never before in history!

Global adoption of mobile technology has created unparalleled convenience, with no social, political, or economic boundaries.

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PocketFunnel is cloud based

Our cloud-based system is intuitive, easy to learn and is very user friendly.

It works on smartphones, tablets, laptops and pc’s without any software to install! It is easily replicated throughout your organization and affordable to all working to build a business. The risk/reward ratio is impressive!

Exponential growth is a very desirable outcome

PocketFunnel™ is designed to put your company in the drivers seat in the Social Sharing Network Economy!

Having a system that is SO Simple and SO Easy for everyone to use makes PocketFunnel the best replicating tool in the direct selling industry.

Benefits of Implementing PocketFunnel™ in Your Sales Organization

PocketFunnel Benefits

The Company:

Control Your Content
Protect your company. Keep messages legally compliant. Control your corporate image and message.
Brand Management
Drive product awareness in the marketplace. Present your company mission, values and opportunity in a clear, concise, high impact manner.
Easily Replicated Technology
Provide your team with a quick to adopt, simple to use system that is easy for everyone.

Business Builders and Company Promoters:

Dramatically Increased Exposure
Multiply exposures of your product, service or opportunity, no matter what you are selling.
More Leads Means More Sales
Generate direct response leads from the comfort and convenience of your smart phone.
Increase Leveraged Recruiting
Grow your organization by providing your team with a system that actually works.

PocketFunnel™ Innovative Marketing Resources

PocketFunnel™ is customizable for all Direct Sales Organizations (DSO’s) directly or indirectly involved in the Social Sharing Economy. Our extensive experience in online marketing, social sharing, and the direct selling industry makes us uniquely qualified to customize our system for YOU!

Digital Media

Digital Media Engagement:

Custom Designed Ads

Your PocketFunnel™ account comes loaded with customer approved, custom designed ads created by our highly skilled, graphic artists. They are ready to be posted with a click of a button to social media, email and SMS/TEXT using our EZ-Ad Share Platform.

FaceBook Fan Page Covers and Images

Empower your team with their own Fan Pages that represent their team, product or opportunity in a fun, compelling way.

EZ-Ad Share Platform

The PocketFunnel™ Social Marketing System makes delivering your message to the world from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or pc super fast and super easy!

Marketing Training:

Tutorials, Webinars

We provide your sales organization with simple to follow instructions on how to use our system. This includes sharing ads and landing pages across a variety of social media platforms in addition to launching and maintaining one of the most powerful business strategies online… the FaceBook Fan Page.

There Are Four Key Components To The PocketFunnel System:

Share An Ad

  • Corporate approved ads embedded with each individual team members custom contact information.
  • Shared through a variety of social media options, text or email at the click of a button

My Links & Bookmarks

  • Corporate approved Landing Pages with video and written content allowing interested people to leave their contact information.
  • Inquiries are immediately retained inside the system and send a notification to the individual and the team member for follow up.
  • Each user has the ability to customize and store their favorite videos & websites. Maintain a personal filing cabinet with media to share at the click of a button.

My Leads

  • PocketFunnel retains all leads and gives the user the ability to place each prospect into a follow up category, archive or delete.
  • Users have the ability to upload and download prospects easily.


  • While our focus is digital we offer ‘creatives’ in print media that are perfectly sized, formatted with full color, ready for immediate printing
  • We provide print media in postcard sized Ads and full page for events.
  • Often success comes from learning and applying. We provide webinars in the back office to learn how to create FB Fan Pages and how to maximize the many benefits of the PocketFunnel System.

We Keep your Marketing Fresh!

Each month our design team delivers new material, providing new, highly impactful content. As our system evolves you will benefit from automatic software updates.

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